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Sinner's Tattoo Supply proudly carries VitaliTree. Vitalitree provides the finest in all natural tattoo care. A truly multi-purpose, functional skincare line that has been designed around one simple philosophy, plants provide the best remedies. For all stages of the healing phase and beyond, our innovative products can help your skin look and feel its best.As VitaliTree grows stronger and its branches reach out further into different forms of skincare, we felt it important to create a line strictly for the tattooer and their process.  For all products in this line we have used an innovative form of air driven packaging, which is completely sealed, and eliminates all possibilities of cross contamination. At VitaliTree, we take pride in the fact that we have our hands in all stages of the process. From formulation, to production, to distribution, we do it all ourselves. When choosing VitaliTree, you can rest assured your art is in good hands.

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