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Sinner's Tattoo Supply proudly carries Allegory Ink. At Allegory Ink, they have seen the need for a high-end consistent ink blend that meets today’s standards. As artists, they're craft has continued to develop, yet most products remain the same and have not changed in many years. Black is the most popular blend that artists use, so they decided to start with that. Smooth, consistent, easy to pull lines, while still maintaining a rich darkness to shade, were what they looked for when formulating their recipes. The results were outstanding with their signature Blak, it’s everything you can hope for in general use black ink. The team has years of experience with both tattooing and major brand bottling, which translates into an extremely high-end consistent product to satisfy artist needs. Allegory's company and lab is based out of South Florida, and they are proud to manufacture their ink blends in the USA.

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