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A single roll of Tatu-derm, six inches wide and five yards long.


Sterile Waterproof Bacterial Barrier to protect new tattoos from dirt and abrasions.


What Results Can I Expect?

-Because Tatu-Derm® acts like a second layer of skin, tattoos are able remain clean and protected while the film is in place. This means no more scabbing and more brilliant colors.


How To Use Tatu-Derm?

•Simply measure the area of your new tattoo

•Cut the film to cover the entire area, one inch beyond the new tattoo on all sides

•Apply by pressing firmly onto skin

•Peel off the backing

•Forget about it


When applied as instructed Tatu-Derm® will protect a new tattoo for days, containing all body fluid and keeping the tattoo protected.

    Excluding Sales Tax