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Small Ring Closing 5" Pliers

Small Ring Closing 5" Pliers

5" Stainless Steel Ring Opening Pliers with Deep Groove Tips

These small ring closing steel pliers by Pierced Tools are designed to easily handle and close the gaps in captive or segment rings. These deep grooved pliers are 5" long, and capable of closing segment or captive rings in sizes 20g up to 8g with a 1/2" or smaller diameter.


  • Material: 410 ASTM Stainless Steel
  • Pliers Length: 5"
  • Able to handle captive rings in size 20g (~0.8mm) up to 8g (~3mm)
  • Works best with ring diameters 1/2" (~13mm) or smaller
  • Deep grooves for secure handling


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