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PRE-ORDER PEPAX Lance Round Liner Needle Cartridge

PRE-ORDER PEPAX Lance Round Liner Needle Cartridge

All PEPAX cartridge production and assembly are carried out in an aseptic workshop and are packaged after disinfection and sterilisation to ensure needle safety.

  • The non-slip strip design on both sides of the cartridge is very convenient and makes it easy to change the needle, and it also helps the tattoo artist to have more precise control of the needle.
  • The back of the needle shell has a concave design, which is convenient and comfortable for your fingers when tattooing.
  • The shape of the needle shell is designed according to artificial mechanics, the holding posture is comfortable, and the tattoo artist will not get tired after working for long periods.
  • The Round Liner Cartridge adopts a funnel-shaped design, which stores more ink, and the ink discharge is very uniform, without ink jets, which allows you to make longer lines.
  • PEPAX Lance cartridges are very stable, Round Liner needle internal stabiliser design gives greater stability to the needle while tracing.
  • The unique rubber membrane design allows the needle to be closer to the tip and increases stability, preventing ink backflow and better protecting your tattoo machine.
  • PEPAX Lance cartridges are compatible with most tattoo machines on the market.
  • Various measurements to suit a variety of tattoo styles.
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